Every Wardrobe Must Have Oversize Knit Jacket Free Pattern

A knit jacket with a collar is a stylish and cozy choice.

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This pattern is designed for sizes XS – S – M – L – XL – XXL

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You Will Need

This jacket is knitted using mix of two yarn types so it is a bit chunky and knits faster than usual. As you will read further the needles for main part are rather large 8mm = 11 US. Knitting with large size needles are my guilty pleasure, because with little amount of rows I can get to the result faster.


DROPS AIR, color 33, pink sand


DROPS KID-SILK, color 40, pink pearl 


3 large size buttons.


Needles size 8 mm = US 11: Length 80 cm = 32”.

Needles size 6 mm = US 10: Length 80 cm = 32”. 

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This jacket has easy to follow free written pattern.

Knit Jacket Free Pattern